Black Fallen: The Dark Ink Chronicles

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This task force, composed of vampires, druids, werewolves, and otherbeings, has been assigned to take down the Black Fallen, a powerful race of fallen angels consumed by the darkest magic.

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These dangerous creatures are searching for the ultimate source of power in Edinburgh, Scotland, and Riley will be the WUP team's secret weapon to take them down. She must be careful, though, or their dark power could engulf her—and her heart, too. Praise for the Dark Ink Chronicles 'The most absorbing, enticing, and unique paranormal world I've read in years.

Elle Jasper. Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers. Read more. Also by Elle Jasper. Related titles. The Colour Of Magic.

Good Omens. Neil Gaiman , Terry Pratchett.

The Night Circus. Christopher Paolini. Sophia, Princess Among Beasts. Batman Damned. I give Black Fallen by Elle Jasper 2.


View 2 comments. This one seriously pissed me off, I was going to wait to write the review but I just can't. I have loved this series since I accidentally ran into the series. I mean really the whole book dragged since I first picked it up and than soem shit goes down which was interesting, but than the huge battle that I thought was going to be amazing and grueling is literally described and over with in 1 page!!!

I mean mb 2 par This one seriously pissed me off, I was going to wait to write the review but I just can't. I mean mb 2 paragraphs of the one page was about the actual fighting, and view spoiler [I mean the Fallen are supposed to be these badass being who can not be defeated they've taken down Eli and Vic and are defeated by Ri speaking a few ancient words so damn easily, it is disgusting that she ended the whole book like that, I mean give us some details, some action after building it up and making us go through so much detail about the damn streets and scenery.


The question now is will I read the next book, more than likely just to see if a certain someone is saved and if she can improve the book more than this one. So yes I will continue on until she really kills it for me. I am sadden. View all 6 comments.

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Mar 26, Hbeebti rated it really liked it Shelves: paranormal-romance. Honestly I'm still trying to figure this one out. I liked it. I'm torn between 3. It takes a couple of chapters to get use to the nonstop descriptions of everything. Its been awhile since the last book and I was trying to remember what happened last time. Anyway I was kinda bummed that there wasn't enough Eli and that there was soooo much training and just talking. I wanted more of Riley and Eli and less of the other stuff. But then BAM!

Everything changes and I am left asking WTF? Serious Honestly I'm still trying to figure this one out. Oh come on! How many times can Riley go through this, seriously.

If you read the other three books you know what I mean. I wasn't happy about what went down about half way through. Then it ends and I am left unsatisfied that there wasn't any, um Trying not to give anything away here. Which was a good set up for the next book but I wanted a different ending for certain reasons. Dammit now I have to wait for the next book because I know I wont be left hanging because that would just be mean.

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View 1 comment. Mar 04, gremlin rated it liked it. This was ok, and the story kept me engaged while I was reading it, but looking back there were more cons than pros. The series made an abrupt turn and many of the good things about the series New Orleans, the cast of characters there, Riley's work, even the good relationship stuff were all missing from this as she and Eli packed up and went to Edinburgh to help a team of supernaturals try to defeat the Black Fallen there.

The new team is not as engaging as the crew back in New Orleans, and the This was ok, and the story kept me engaged while I was reading it, but looking back there were more cons than pros. The new team is not as engaging as the crew back in New Orleans, and the way we kept dropping into the past via Riley's new power got really annoying. All in all, I'm not sure I feel like reading the next book or any more after it. Jan 17, Jocie rated it liked it Shelves: u-t-o. I give this book a 3. However, the second half is very entertainig and it easily sucked me into the story.

Jan 08, Deelylah Mullin rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read. I just As I sit, rocking in the fetal position, I want to beg Ms. Black Fallen, the newest title in the series, takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions and a flurry of activity. While we do learn more about the characters we've come to love, we meet more characters, and temporarily?

While this is the fourth title in the serie Wow. While this is the fourth title in the series, I think Ms. Jasper does a wonderful job with backstory in the first part of the book, and one could begin with this title, although reading prior books would help with the deeper understanding of the culture, and the interplay between characters. There's no tap-dancing around this. There's a major plot point involving Eligius Dupre.

I had to figure out whether Ms. Jasper would resolve prior to the end of the book, or move it out to the next book Please, tell me this major point resolves well I could have consumed this title in one sitting, if I'd had the time. Violent vampire. Fiercely loyal … My sensitive, hot, kick-ass vampire fiance. Y'all need to hurry up and read this book so I can talk about it with someone! There really isn't a lot I can say about Eli without spoilering.

Our secondary characters were pretty important in this story. I think the countryside is breathtaking, there's room for much description of the surroundings, including the air, smells, and mood driven by the weather. I was also geeked that there was Celtic, Gaelic and Pict lore mentioned. Water spurts from his hands and washes over him into the fountain's pond. For some reason, the statue chills me. Noah Miles, Eli's best friend, plays a pretty significant role in Black Fallen.

He is truly a good friend to Eli as well as Riley. Ginger and Lucian, the werewolves in our band of unlikely comerades, didn't get a lot of 'airtime' in this title Sydney, the archivist, has but one purpose: to lead the WUP to the Book, read the spell to destroy it, ensuring mankind continues to thrive. No pressure. The group should be protecting her with every spare ounce of energy they have, but this protection seems to be for Riley, and no one is telling her why, although they are constantly saying things like, 'You really don't know, do you Victorian Arcos also appears in this unlikely band of warriors.

He's still got the hots for Riley, but he seems to have reigned in the urge to kiss her senseless every second of the day.