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An easier alternative is to sit on the edge of a chair with your feet hip-width apart and arms crossed over your chest. Tighten your abdominal muscles and stand up. Slowly sit to complete one rep.

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The ideal activity challenges your cardio system and can be adjusted as needed for individual health concerns and limitations. But ultimately, your choice of exercise should motivate you to stay active. After all, the best exercise is the one you will do.

If you need inspiration to find the right activity, Keller suggests trying any of the following four options. As always, make sure you have your doctor's okay before embarking on any new exercise program. Rowing machine. Besides being a great cardio workout — it's easy to reach the desired intensity in a short amount of time, says Keller — rowing can address all the major muscle groups at once and doesn't put stress on your joints or strain your back.

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Many gyms offer rowing machines, and home versions are also available. One of the easiest exercises, walking can be done outdoors or on a treadmill. However, make sure you walk at a certain level of intensity.

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Do this: Time how long it takes to walk steps at your normal pace, or to cover a half-mile around your neighborhood or a track. During your walking workouts, try to meet or beat that number. Spinning, instructor-led indoor cycling classes, is ideal for men who have difficulty doing traditional higher-impact cardio like running or gym fitness classes.

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Spinning also places less stress on your joints, which can help men with knee or hip issues and those recovering from orthopedic injuries or surgery. Swimming works your entire body and is also a low-impact exercise, since the water gives you buoyancy and puts less pressure on your joints.

This is helpful for men recovering from an injury or returning to exercise after a layoff who need to rebuild strength and endurance. Take lessons to learn proper stroke technique.

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Circadian Rhythm Sleep Tips:

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