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And the Maximum Weight Loss Program that eliminates refined foods including flour products and sugars will help even the most calorie efficient person lose weight See the November McDougall Newsletter at www. The elimination diet was originally devised for people suffering from allergic problems.

Confirmation of the diagnosis is made by adding the offending substance back to the diet and observing if the illness returns. Don't overlook the obvious truth that elimination of the villainous substances is also the ultimate — and only-treatment for "curing" the allergy and other food-induced problems.

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The elimination diet asks you to eat the foods that are least likely to cause you any type of adverse reaction, including allergic reactions. When you begin this diet, allow about one week in order to completely clear your body of foods that were eaten before starting the diet. During the elimination period, all foods should be thoroughly cooked, because cooking alters the proteins, making them less likely to provoke an adverse response.

Starches all cooked , including:. Most Green and Yellow Vegetables all cooked , including:. Avoid onions, green pepper, cucumbers, and radishes; they can be very troublesome for the stomach indigestion. Fruits all cooked. Avoid all citrus fruits, including oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, lemons, limes, etc. Only salt is allowed if not restricted for other health reasons. This means no salad dressings, mustard, lemon juice, vinegar, pepper or other condiments.

After one week, your food-caused problems should have ended and you should be feeling well. If this is the case, you can begin adding other foods back to your diet, but only one at a time, to determine if any of these caused your unpleasant reactions. For testing purposes, each "new" food should be eaten in large amounts three times a day for two days.

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If the food does not cause a reaction, you can conclude that it is not a troublemaker. Most reactions occur within a few hours, but some may not show up for several days. Each food must be tested individually; do not introduce two new foods at once. Most of the test results were in the middle and the lower end of the normal range with a few just over the upper limit. In July of my condition was so bad that my rheumatologist increased the daily dosage of Benemid to mg twice a day and Indocin to mg three times a day to prevent gout attacks.

While Indocin is the only NSAID that effectively treats my gout, it turned me into an irritable and depressed zombie with gastrointestinal ulcers. In early August of , I had another bad attack despite the fact that I was on mg of Benemid and mg of Indocin a day for prevention. In a desperate attempt to improve the situation I braced myself to review once more my medical records and the stack of gout literature I collected over the decades.

I thought that was too low for the day time pH. I then tested my urine pH and it was low.

On Day 2, the pain seemed to have subsided so I repeated the same treatment. When I woke up on Day 3, I sensed something very alien yet so familiar. I breathed much easier, felt well rested and fresh, and most of all, the ingrained worry of having to face another day of painful gout was not there any more. Then I noticed the gout was gone! I was reborn. Since the pain was completely gone I stopped taking Indocin on Day 3.


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Never in my 27 years of gout life was I able to jump from taking mg of Indocin a day on one day to nothing the next day. To play it safe I took mg of Benemid a day for two more days, cut it down to mg for two more days after that, then stopped. On day 13, I was so confident the gout was gone that I stopped taking baking soda altogether.

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It has been 24 months now August since I have stopped taking Benemid and Indocin, and I have not suffered any gout attacks. After 27 years of suffering excruciating pain, visiting numerous doctors, going to the emergency room for a cortisone shot in the middle of the night, taking endless zombifying medicine, and thinking of having my afflicted hands and feet amputated, I am finally free of gout -- ironically by just using 12 teaspoons of baking soda which costs almost nothing.

Get doctor's approval before trying baking soda. In hindsight I believe there are several reasons why I suffered so badly from gout. My first gout attack was caused by the combination of starvation, dehydration, and prolonged exposed of my feet to the cold.

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Then I unknowingly ate excessive amounts of acid forming foods that lowered my pH and created a fertile breeding ground for more gout attacks. It has been 24 months now August since I cured my gout and stopped taking gout medicine, yet there have been no gout attacks and my joints feel fine. Now that I have stopped taking gout medicine my blood uric acid levels have been high 7. I also purposefully ate large portions of high purine diet such as organ meat, sausages, red and dark meat, shellfish, anchovies, sardines, mackerel, herring This indicates hyperuricemia is neither a necessary nor sufficient condition for gout.

Furthermore, it shows gout can really be cured. There are two sources of over-supply: the body over-produces uric acid on its own , and a person over consumes foods that are high in purine. Most doctors, as well as recommendations of most medical publications, use the blood uric acid test as the gold standard for diagnosing gout: if one has gout symptoms and the blood uric acid exceeds 8. Better methods are also to draw the joint fluid from the afflicted area and examine it under a microscope for MSU crystals and other fluid characteristics to diagnose gout and to rule out other causes such as psudogout unrelated to gout and hyperuricemia , fungal, viral or bacterial infection e.

Allopurinol is better because the less uric acid is made the less is to excrete. Also, it is useful to treat or prevent uric acid kidney stones that some gout patients may have. The downside to Allopurinol is that it has stronger side effects many patients cannot tolerate; therefore, Benemid is usually prescribed instead. When Benemid is used to increase the excretion of uric acid by the kidneys, the uric acid may crystallize in the kidneys and the urinary tracks to cause formation of uric acid stones and kidney failure.. Some doctors prescribe Sodium Bicarbonate baking soda with Benemid to alkalize the urine to prevent uric acid stone formation.

Gout patients should also restrict consumption of foods high in purine and drink a lot of fluids. Statistics show that the lower the blood uric acid level the lower the chance of gout attacks. However, hyperuricemia alone cannot explain many gout phenomena. For example, some vegetarians and non vegetarians who have low blood uric acid have gout; whereas, some people who have high blood uric acid level do not. Patients who were tested to have normal blood uric acid had gout attacks later.

Even people who were found to have MSU crystals in their joint fluids do not have gout attacks. More gout attacks occur during the night most often from midnight to 2 a. Kings and geniuses are more prone to gout. After a gout attack, when MSU crystals are coated by certain proteins apolipoprotein E and B , they become unrecognizable to the immune system as the foreign bodies and are lodged inside the joint cavities and tissues. The gout then goes to remission. When conditions are right, these crystals shed their coatings and again are recognized by the body as the foreign bodies and cause neutrophils to attack and cause inflammation.

The gout worsens until the crystals are coated again and this vicious cycle repeats. While new gout can be caused by precipitation of new crystals, gout is more likely triggered by the shedding of the coatings of the old crystals. Gout attacks can occur when the blood uric acid level is low or normal because the shedding of the coating of the old crystals is independent of whether the blood uric acid level is normal or not. Since the old crystals are difficult to eliminate by conventional means, gout is considered to be incurable -- which may not be true. Note 1. MSU crystals do not cause a gout attack if they are formed outside of cells extracellular , e.

Uric acid is a weak acid.

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Its solubility increases exponentially with the increase of pH. Since baking soda increases the blood and body fluids pH, it makes uric acid more soluble for better excretion by the kidneys, hence, lessens the amount of MSU in the body and the chance of a gout attack. In the contrary, MSU is a weak base. Its solubility increases exponentially with the decrease of pH.

When baking soda is consumed or administered through IV, it increases the blood CO2 level and decreases the pH inside cells intracellular acidosis all over the body, increases the solubility of MSU exponentially to dissolve the MSU crystals inside cells, eliminate the cause of current and future attacks, and cures the gout -- a property that the conventional gout medicine do not possess.

It is this "paradoxical" property of baking soda i. Note 2. The normal blood pH has a range of 7. If one takes the anti-logarithm of 7. Note 3. At a higher blood pH, more of them are trapped inside cells in the body ion trapping , they ionize better in the blood, are excreted less by the kidneys, and stay longer in the blood stream. Since baking soda raise the blood pH it substantially increases the efficacy of the NSAIDs used in the treatment of gout attacks and other medical conditions. When baking soda is consumed it interacts with stomach juice to form salt at a rate of 10 to 7 by weight.

Also, baking soda is not appropriate for patients with certain medical problems such as hypertension, edema, appendicitis, intestinal or rectal bleeding, problems with urination, toxemia of pregnancy, and heart, kidney and liver diseases.

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It may also interfere with such medication as Ketoconsole, Tetracyclines, Mecamlamine, Methenamine, etc. The side effects of baking soda include: hypertension, edema, frequent urge to urinate, continuing headache, continuing loss of appetite, mood or mental changes, muscle pain or twitching, nausea or vomiting, nervousness or restlessness, slow breathing, swelling of feet or lower legs, unpleasant taste, unusual tiredness or weakness, increased thirst, stomach cramps, etc.

The above site states: for alkalizing urine: adults and teenagers, drink one flat teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every 4 hours, usually no more than 4 teaspoons a day. Take no more than 4 teaspoons of baking soda a day. If the blood pressure becomes too high, take less baking soda or stop. Reduce or stop taking baking soda if the side effects are pronounced. RDA in mg Broccoli crown How to avoid gout? Reduce sugar intake and eat more vegetables and less sweet fruits and their juices.