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Use a heavy duty clipper they will last longer than a pet clipper kit This blade is generaly used by Vet's in surgery.. Brushes: Should be of a good quality. We use a pin brush that is 1 in all systems.. The smaller of them is preffered for the hairless chinese crested as well as the coated Powder Puff.

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Comb: A good Greyhound comb comes in handy for the coated varity of the Chinese Crested.. The Evolution medium comb seems to work best.. Lotion: A good lotion is always a plus to use on the hairless crested.. I prefer corn huskers lotion, but have used Aveno Grooming the Powder Puff.

The biggest challange to grooming the long silky coat of a Powder Puff are the matts, which often form around the legs, ears, and side of face. For this reason alone daily brushing should be done.. Grooming of the Powder Puffs face is optional but recommended..

Powderpuff Chinese Crested Dogs

The shaving pattern of a hairless dog. The shaving pattern of a powderpuff. The face is shaved.

Grooming options for the Chinese Crested. The face and ears are shaved. Upcoming Stars.

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Pet Contract. She is a very lovable pup that will make a wonderful addition to a lucky person's home. China at first glance seemed to be a quick brush out and style.

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Not so As a result of her neglect, she had several mats. De-matting dogs is always a tedious task for both the dog and the groomer.

Grooming Powder Puff Chinese Crested

If your dog has a matted coat, always expect to pay more for the grooming session. Since China was so thin we decided to keep a full face and give a style that would be easy to manage until she gets her forever home. Call Not 2 Shaggy Housecall Dog Grooming to schedule a grooming session for your silky coated pup and keep their coat in good condition free of mats. New Resource for Pet Parents! April 17, Common Myths About Cat Grooming.

August 1, Cat Grooming Too!

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