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Difference Between Sin Iniquity Transgression and Wickedness

It is only people who show upright positions in standing for the truth that win at last. When we become quiet at the collapsed value system in our nation, iniquity and injustice would eventually overrun that nation if action is not taken promptly.

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It has been the chief cause of making Christian nations the most immoral of nations. In teaching this doctrine Christ committed a sin for which his death did not atone, and which can never be forgiven. There is no forgiveness of sin. Every cause has its effect; every sinner must suffer the consequences of his sins. Remsburg, The Christ. The good wood, that the good in the hood are descended from, is their birthright. McFarlane Beau. Leaning close, I gently blow on his healing wound to ease the sting. Reed takes my hand and brings it to his lips, kissing it tenderly.

Sin, Transgression and Iniquity.

I get swept up in him: my body his with one touch. I turn and rub my cheek gently against his palm.

I want that future with him. But if the leader is cursed by God because of iniquity, even the people he leads will be cursed as well. All men share a germinal sense of innocence, but life leads us into our vices. Temptation surrounds us, and we willingly march into the den of iniquity. In our day we have witnessed the eclipse of the gospel. That dark shadow that obscures the light of the gospel is not limited to Rome or liberal Protestantism; it looms heavily within the Evangelical community. It feels no great need for justification. The reality is that God does mark iniquity, and He manifests His wrath against it.

This text affirms a real revelation of real wrath from a real God against real ungodliness and unrighteousness of real men. The human dilemma is this: God is holy, and we are not. God is righteous, and we are not.

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But, alas, if our evil deeds outweigh our good ones, we will suffer the wrath of God in hell. We still have the ability to balance our sins with our own righteousness.

This is the most monstrous lie of all. We not only claim such righteousness; we rely on such righteousness, which righteousness in fact does not exist.

Our righteousness is a myth, but by no means a harmless one. They have all turned aside; they have together become unprofitable; there is none who does good, no, not one. What comprises just under four verses of the New Testament is so radical that if the modern church would come to believe it, we would experience a revival that would make the Reformation pale into insignificance. Who believes that apart from Jesus not a single human being, without exception, is righteous.

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Seeking God? Every person turns aside from God. All become unprofitable in spiritual matters.

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Good is a relative term. It is defined against some standard. If we establish what that standard is, we can congratulate ourselves and take comfort in our attainment of it. So what?

The equation is simple. If God requires perfect righteousness and perfect holiness to survive His perfect judgment, then we are left with a serious problem. The only place such perfect righteousness can be found is in Christ—that is the good news of the gospel.