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Settlement of freed slaves from the US in what is today Liberia began in ; by , the Americo-Liberians were able to establish a republic.

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William Tubman, president from , did much to promote foreign investment and to bridge the economic, social, and political gaps between the descendents of the original settlers and the inhabitants of the interior. In , a military coup led by Samuel DOE ushered in a decade of authoritarian rule. A period of relative peace in allowed for elections that brought Taylor to power, but major fighting resumed in An August peace agreement ended the war and prompted the resignation of former president Charles Taylor, who faces war crimes charges in The Hague related to his involvement in Sierra Leone's civil war.

The UN Mission in Liberia UNMIL maintains a strong presence throughout the country, but the security situation is still fragile and the process of rebuilding the social and economic structure of this war-torn country continues. Source: World Factbook.

"Global Call to Protect Religious Freedom" with Donald Trump & Others (Opening)

After the struggle for liberty in the American Revolution, free and enslaved African Americans faced continued hardship and inequality. A number of white Americans, for a variety of reasons, joined them in their efforts to resolve this complex problem.

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One possible solution advocated at a time when the assimilation of free blacks into American society seemed out of the question was the complete separation of white and black Americans. Some voices called for the return of African Americans to the land of their forebears. Cuffee believed that African Americans could more easily "rise to be a people" in Africa than in America with its system of slavery and its legislated limits on black freedom.

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Cuffee also envisioned a black trade network organized by Westernized blacks who would return to Africa to develop its resources while educating its people in the skills they had gained during captivity. Cuffee died in without fully realizing his dream. Many free African-Americans, however, including those who had supported Paul Cuffee's efforts, were wary of this new organization.

They were concerned that it was dominated by Southerners and slave holders and that it excluded blacks from membership. Most free African-Americans wanted to stay in the land they had helped to build. They planned to continue the struggle for equality and justice in the new nation. University of Louisville S.

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