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Sam Heughan is Jamie Fraser! No one else could portray the deep complexities of the character of Jamie Fraser. Pure genius!


He is worthy of so many awards. Poldark cannot hold a candle to Outlander! Bring on series 4! I would just love to write a most favorable reply. But there are just not enough words that can describe this — outstanding, incredibly talented, warm, tender, beautiful, generous, yes sexy also, so sweet with his fans, forever helping them with their desires to be close to him — man, Sam Heughan.

I am already in the process of getting a hold of all his past movies. I will try until I have them all. Sam Hueghan is a mature and incredibly gifted actor in every respect as is his co-star, Caitorina Balfe. They are a perfect match and feed off one another in their performances. In truth, all the actors in Outlander are some of the best performers I have ever seen both in film and on stage and each deserves some kind of recognition, in my opinion.

I especially do not want to forget Mathew Roberts, his incredible wife, the costume director, the set director, and all the crew, who are absolutely amazing in their respective roles.

Jamie Dornan - Let Me Love You

I often think it quite a miracle that such a collection of people came together to bring us this beautiful, once in a lifetime story to the TV screen. However, none of this would have been possible without the brilliant writing of Diana Galbadon! I am almost 86 and am a widow now.. Everyone in the cast gives excellent performances..

Just think of Paul Newman, no awards for many years.. It must be frustrating but then perhaps Sam knows better.

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He must know how fine an actor he is and Caitronia is, as commented before, a better actor due to their obvious chemistry on screen,. I agree with all the comments, especially the charisma between Sam and Caitriona and his ability as an actor, as well as his wonderful body and amazing eyes! Cannot wait until November when the series will continue! Since I have recorded every episode of seasons , I watch little else. Sam is the greatest. Why Sam Heughan has not won an award for his amazing portrayal of Jamie Frazer is beyond my intellectual scope.

He is everything a leading man should be. He is absolutely believable, as is Claire and togerher they make an incredible couple. No hacen falta palabras para definirlo, basta con verlo, se define por si solo.. UN SOL. Sam Heughan is a real actor and just because he is easy to look at should NOT go against him. I am a cancer survivor and am in my late seventies. I feel like a teen when I see the gorgeous Jamie on screen and I feel like a Mom who is proud of a son when I see or hear of the loving spirit that is Sam Heughan. Just wanted you to know, Sam, that you have made a positive effect on many, many lives.

Many more than you know. I listen to the music, I plastered my car with Outlander decals, I even got my sister hooked so I have someone to talk with about it!

Tobias was excellent, even though I hated him as the character. And Murtaugh! I think its the things Jamie says to Claire that pierce me to my very core. I miss the characters from the first season. Rupert, Angus, Dougal….

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And Lord John…yikes. I just read an article that listed Sam Heughan as one of the picks to play James Bond. Can you picture him as James Bond?

Jamie Love – Just Gospel Conference

Can you tell? I am absolutely mesmerized, electrified and drawn into Outlander. I thought I was going nuts! It gives me comfort to read that many of you feel the same way. I get goose bumps every time I see Sam performing this role so truthfully. I adore Diana Gabaldon for creating such a unique character and Sam Heughan for bringing him to life.

He deserves all prices in the world and more. I am so glad to see other older women who adore the character of Jamie Frazier and to also watch Clare act out all of enjoyment of his sexy body. That has been very liberating to see played out. There are sexy bodies all over the place, but Sam brings so much more to the role. That little half smile.

The way he uses his eyes to show the emotions Jamie is feeling. I love Jamie because Sam has used his talent to bring the character to life.

James Love

He is the whole package with wonderful lines written by Diana uttered in that truly incredible voice that seems to just rumble through you. I have not heard a voice so rich since Richard Burton. Your email address will not be published. Courtesy Starz. Now his IS Jamie Fraser. Tani Kruseski Gonzalez is organizing this fundraiser. I spoke with Jamie the Sunday before her death, and as one of her dearest friends, I wanted to hear from Jamie what she wanted, needed, moving forward, especially regarding her children.

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The kids have amazing people in their lives to help their dad Joel as he raises them going forward, but Jamie knew that they needed a consistent caregiver to make sure their needs were covered. Her prayer was for a Christian sitter who would pour her heart into them even as she made sure they could continue to live their lives with a schedule similar to what they have had. She did not want them in day care. Thankfully, Social Security will provide some benefits to Liliana and Gideon, but to ensure that there is both quality, as well as sufficient, care, this fund is to supplement the cost of care to ensure that money is no object in finding the right person that will love these two babies as Jamie has loved so so many children throughout her life.

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In my own words, I can tell you that what Jamie wanted for her babies was a Jamie. Her legacy is like no other for how she has poured into the lives of kids, leaving joy and love and memories with every kid whose life she has touched.