Mad Mens Guide to Persuasion: How Don Draper & Co. Shape Our Desires (Write Well to Succeed)

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Entirely focused on a single goal. To get you to watch a demo of any of their products. The headline and CTA could use a bit more mention of the purpose of the page watching a demo. Also, take a look at the button. Try saying that fast.

The most important stories are the biggest

Bad message match. Ding, ding, ding. Got it? Not to mention the attention ratio, which is a whopping not including the 40 links in drop-down menus. Throwing your name in the ad is wasting precious space with a name that people might not be familiar with.

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Sidenote: I would love to know some results of this level of branding in paid ads if someone has tested it. I dare you to search for something that is of importance to your life and do a clickathon. The experiences are shockingly shocking. This is one of the easiest techniques to master. Take the design on your display banner ad and repeat it on your landing page. You can still catch up on the latest conversion-boosting strategies from CRO experts.

That little dude is following you around with his little sign, letting you know he cares. Take a look at the landing page in detail, the page does suffer from attention ratio deficiencies and the CTA is horribly small. To improve this, the different options for applying for an account could be on the next page after the click has confirmed interest.

And the CTA would be a lot clearer if it was designed to be bigger with a strongly contrasting button color. The more testing I do the more I keep coming back to one central concept. The purpose of conversation momentum is to remove the break in communication that can occur when the click is made.

A big portion of this concept is respect. Respecting the click, respecting the time you want your visitor to invest. Sometimes a good way to preserve momentum is to express gratitude to your visitor for showing up. To show how Conversation Momentum works in action, take a look at the CTA in the top-right corner of the page below. So anyone who is on a course page has received between emails from me. My mugshot is also in the sidebar of every page. At first I was sending this traffic to a rather generic landing page that has our standard value proposition headline:.

A role model for your children? Absolutely not. Excellent illustrations of context of use?

Mad Men — The Art of Character Arcs

Mos def. They exist inside the Unbounce product. Clearly visitors a large portion of whom were arriving via organic search , were getting an entirely incorrect impression from this page.

Matthew Weiner: the man behind Mad Men - Telegraph

When someone arrives on your landing page, the first thing they do is to look around and subconsciously ask for help. Your job as a business, is to understand the mindset of your potential customers when they arrive at your landing page, and communicate appropriately. In this instance, like I said, there are a large number of organic search visitors showing up who have absolutely zero context.

To answer the questions of these visitors, we created a two-step diagram to illustrate context of use:. A really impressive result. But this type of number is thrown around all the time. What does it actually mean to a business? What is the impact on revenue?

Matthew Weiner: the man behind Mad Men

To figure out the affect this win had on the business I took into account all of the relevant numbers. Unfortunately, forms are a landing page staple, and because they represent your conversion goal, your ability to understand their nuances is the key to success. Friction falls into two categories and has one solution:. This is the shock factor of suddenly being faced with a long form.

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The perception of having to fill out such a long form can be daunting and cause people to change their mind. A solution to this can be to either shorten the form or split your form over more than one page. Things that can slow down — or cause frustration during — the process of form completion include:. You probably thought that was a passing reference. Conversion lube is whatever you can give to your visitor to ease the transaction. One approach to improvement is to analyze the results you get and adapt your form accordingly. When looking at your form data, ask yourself:.

Why Everyone Should Learn How to Write

Your goal is to balance the size of the prize with the amount of friction. How was that?

see All loved up on forms? Not yet? Maybe we need some real examples. Below are some examples of lead gen landing pages withforms that I happen to like. Your words are the first thing people pay attention to when the page loads, and the last thing they read before deciding whether or not they will complete your conversion goal. Regardless, the most and ONLY important thing when you start a conversation with someone, is to get your foot in the door.

Your headline has one job and one job only. Clever calls attention to itself at the expense of the message. Clarity smooths the way to conversion. Some advertising campaigns seem to have been successful in influencing legislation. Bethlehem Steel, for example, used advertising to win public support for their position on imported steel. I am told that it helped the passage of a bill protecting the steel industry. Research indicated that the advertising worked.

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The attacks abated. It made a stand and wanted to ignite conversations and help young women. Both Dave Trott and Phil Cowdell, as members of the advertising industry, therefore recognize that there are instances where advertising has tried to shape popular culture.