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This shared approach challenges the popularly held belief that science and art exist at polar ends of a spectrum. Viewing the Invisible showcases the ways in which both disciplines work together, exploring how scientists and artists can support each other in disseminating research and enriching creativity. As part of the project, contributors to the promotion and practice of science had their portraits painted, whilst discussing common ground with the respective artists.

The figures are visible under UV light; other paintings may also have hidden drawings.

Please see details here. Professor Dame Janet Thornton is a world renowned scientific leader whose early career was rooted in structural biology.

Professor Dame Janet is widely credited, alongside others, with the establishment of a new scientific field of Bioinformatics an interdisciplinary field of science that combines biology, computer science, information engineering, mathematics and statistics to analyze and interpret biological data. Ann Witheridge studied Art History at Christ's College Cambridge and has been teaching drawing and painting in the atelier tradition for twenty years. She founded London Fine Art Studios, where she teaches a growing number of artists.

She writes for art periodicals and leads workshops and painting demonstrations in Museums across London. Throughout this time she has sought to bring diverse disciplines, institutions and cultures together in a spirit of collaboration and mutual enrichment.

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Prior to working in research management, Megan completed her PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Auckland and held a research fellowship at the University of Oxford studying neurodegenerative diseases. Throughout her scientific career, Megan has been involved in science outreach activities, with a particular interest in the interface between science and art. Clementine St.

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Her work encompasses both disciplines and ranges from African landscapes to horse racing scenes and detailed paintings of bees and other insects. She was selected to paint a portrait for Oxford University to celebrate the diversity of their talent.

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The artist uses a combination of new and traditional techniques to construct the image. First, the participants' backs are painted red, representing blood, war and life, and their chests are painted yellow, symbolizing Chinese tradition and inheritance. Liu then positions the volunteers in front of the backdrop and takes a photo.

The rest of the image is photoshopped in, to act as a guideline for artists who are standing by to paint each body. It takes hours to cover each volunteer with enough paint and detail to allow them to blend into the backdrop. Some of the participants even begin to paint each other. Apart from his work with human bodies, the artist uses various platforms to remain relevant in an era of rapidly changing digital media. Humans have inevitably come to a new media age or smartphone age," says Liu.

Hand Painted Signs

Liu started creating video works in , and the following year live-streamed smog in Beijing with 24 phones attached on his orange vest to raise awareness about the city's alarming air pollution. In his Hacker series, he painstakingly recreated classical masterpieces, including the Mona Lisa, and hired a hacker to replace images of them in search results on numerous websites on Google and Baidu. Liu says he works to stay relevant in the rapidly changing world of art through a constant process of reinvention.

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