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At around am, a division of the Union Seventeenth Corps under Maj. James B. MacPherson encountered Brig. The Federal force outnumbered the Confederates 10, to 3,, but mistaken intelligence combined with an unusually thick haze of smoke and dust led Gregg to believe he was facing roughly equal odds. The Battle of Raymond gave Grant the initiative he needed to drive a wedge between the fortress at Vicksburg and Confederate reenforcements, and forced the Confederates to confront Grant again at Champion Hill four days later. Show your pride in battlefield preservation by shopping in our store.

Every purchase supports the mission. Skip to main content. Civil War. Grant's Operations Against Vicksburg. May 12, Battle Facts.

John Gregg. Forces Engaged. Total Estimated Casualties. Battle Map. Vicksburg Campaign of Battle of Port Gibson on May 1, Battle of Raymond. Explore Raymond.

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Vicksburg Campaign. John C. Vicksburg Campaign: Unvexing the Father of Waters. Port Gibson.

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John A. Join t Fight.

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  • The prize, alongside a recent deal with Reebok, has helped him focus on what he does best: telling stories through fashion. A case in point is Jean-Raymond's latest project, "American, Also": a three-part retelling of the American story, told through a series of collections. The first instalment, encapsulated in Pyer Moss Fall-Winter campaign shed light on the role of black cowboys -- figures often overlooked in the western whitewashed narrative.

    In part two, for Spring-Summer , Jean-Raymond asked artist Derrick Adams to produce 11 artworks depicting the everyday lives of black families, which he turned into garments and sent down a New York runway.


    The Confederate Cemetery in Raymond, Mississi.. | Free public domain photo -

    The third chapter of the story is set to be revealed in September A considered approach. The thoughtful campaign epitomizes Jean-Raymond's intention to bring substance back to fashion, while carving himself a meaningful space in a world that often values speed over deliberation. Pyer Moss' strategy is to move slowly and avoid being seen as just a "trending brand" or one that "made a cool thing" with Reebok , he said. And while most designers would probably express similar sentiments, Jean-Raymond's claims have credence: The label decided to sit out New York Fashion Week this month -- the source of significant publicity in recent years.

    Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder of fashion brand Pyer Moss.

    South Pasadena's Raymond Hotel Images of America California

    Jean-Raymond is all too familiar with the dangers of moving quickly. Shortly after setting up Pyer Moss in , he took an early investment that almost cost him the business.

    I allowed them to underfund the company, take too much equity and lure me into bad deals," he said. He was eventually able to buy back control of Pyer Moss with the help of the Reebok deal. He cites the experience as his most pivotal learning moment.

    Raymond (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing))

    But having stepped back from the brink, Jean-Raymond is moving more cautiously this time around. Jean-Raymond's sensibility seems to be connected to his support system -- both family and friends -- continuously working in the background. Jean-Raymond's family immigrated from Haiti to the US, and family values remain central to Pyer Moss' brands ethos the label's name is an amalgamation of his mother's Haitian and American surnames.