Seed Starts & Smarts: An Organic Gardeners Guide to the Fundamentals of Growing Plants from Seed

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You'll be able to have tea and lemon drizzle cake too if you do. The author covers both the common and unusual greens and provides comprehensive grow guides for each. Also included are harvesting and preserving information as well as harvest-to-table recipes. One of the neatest sections of this book is "Open-Source Gardening", which is similar to non-proprietary software which can be used and shared by everyone.

Organic Seed Information: Using Organic Garden Seeds

She has meticulously researched a wide variety of plants suitable for small places. Topics covered include: getting started and basic principles, site selection and preparation, low-maintenance strategies, permaculture, forest gardening, and natural farming. In addition there is a chapter on cooking with these perennial veggies. If you have dreamed of growing a low-maintenance garden of edible perennials in a small space this is the book for you.

There is a large section on raised beds, which will be of interest to our gardeners. Each plant is illustrated with wonderful, detailed paintings that are absolutely stunning along with a history of each plant and its uses in the past. There is a handy calendar that informs the reader what time of the year to look for each plant.

The Cocoa Delight recipe with kale and dark chocolate looks great. The author comes from a long line of food growers known as muckers in the fertile Holland Marsh area north of Toronto -- so he really knows his onions! I liked the author's dedication: "For you, my fellow humble gardener: every seed is just a plant waiting to show itself to the world. From backyards to school yards, fields to gardens to rooftops, keep growing and stay dirty forever". Part 1 of this book includes information on soil; layouts for your garden; the crops - what to grow for the salad garden, the practical garden, the hard times garden, the winter garden, the self-reliant garden, and the savoury garden; information on making gardening easier, weed control, cold-frames, hoop houses, fencing, irrigation, sowing and starting seeds; growing and cooking advice for your crops organized by plant families.

The authors live in Maine, so they are quite familiar with gardening in winter. The author provides a month-by-month guide to growing a lot of food on a modest-size plot. She also includes some recipes for the end product. The author lives in Ontario so this book is particularly useful for Canadian gardeners. To top The Front Yard Forager Melany Vorass Harrera Skipstone Press, ISBN: This is a handy identification guide to collecting and cooking up cool recipes from the 30 most common weeds found in your yard, on boulevards, and other public spaces.

The author is from Seattle, so this book is particularly applicable for Victoria. Who knew that one of the most invasive weeds over at the Agnes Gardens - red dead nettle - is edible. One recipe is Dead Nettle Crisps. So, when weeding your plot this spring, take some home and enjoy! G To top The Garden of Small Beginnings Abbi Wasman Berkeley, This book is a bit of a departure for our library of gardening books -- it is a novel about a widowed mother who gradually gets sucked into the wonderful world of growing your own food.

The characters in her weekly garden class plus the dishy instructor makes it a fun time with her kids and sister every Saturday. At the end of each chapter there are instructions for growing individual vegetables, with a dash of humour added to each.

Organic Seed Gardening - What Are Organic Seeds

Here is an example of one entry edited - How to Grow Carrots. Side note: No need to pull out the tape measure for this stuff, just eyeball it.

Seed Starting for Beginners - Step-by-Step Guide - 15 Years of Experience

They're not going to get pissy and refuse to grow just because you're are an inch out. Unless you plant those fancy multicoloured carrots; they take this shit really seriously. The author talks about the increased longevity of growing seasons; how to create microclimates in your garden; plants and their environment; protecting against harsh weather; and the effects of global warming. An excellent, timely book. There is a separate chapter for annuals, perennials, grasses and vines, and trees and shrubs. There are also chapters on backyard bird and butterfly profiles. The photographs are stunning.

This book is a real treat.

Check it out! The photography is outstanding. The book is organized by different groups of drinks with clear growing and processing instructions for each plant or fruit ingredient. Examples include: beer, wine, ciders, liqueuers and infused spirits. An excellent introduction for gardeners who want to grow and brew their own liquid refreshment.

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The book also includes information on heirloom varieties. There are lots of innovative ideas for making the most of every square inch of soil you have. Contains many pictures and illustrations. To top Grow. The New Guide to Small-Space Gardening Matt Pember and Dillon Seitchik-Reardon Dillon Hardie Grant Books, This is a fun-filled, colourful book chock-a-block with tons of information on growing your own food in all sorts of spaces -- from nooks and grannies,large raised beds, balconies, small courtyards, reclaimed, neighbourhood public spaces to all sorts of cool containers.

The book covers 3 main topics: what plants need to grow well, fruits and veg to grow, and pests and diseases. The authors, owners of the Little Veggie Patch Co. This book is a true inspiration to all gardeners and those who would like to have their patch of earth to grow food. Their love of gardening shines through on each page. Highly recommended for both veteran and newbie gardeners.

This goal is met and then some! This book is packed with information accompanied by outstanding photography.

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Lavishly illustrated with beautiful photographs, the author provides clear instructions on how to grow specific crops - how and when to plant, routine care, harvesting, problems pests and diseases. The only quibble I have with this book is there is not enough information on growing veggies organically. Sometimes the author simply states to use an approved pesticide. This book takes the reader on a journey through all 4 seasons. It's primarily a cookbook, but there is a lot of gardening advice as well as a heart-felt essays on local food and living sustainably.

Each entry, accompanied by lovely illustrations, contains information on the taste, when to plant, when to pick, how to plant, companion plants, culinary uses. A thoroughly enjoyable book.

How To Grow

The book has the following parts: why grow your own food; basic food preservation methods cold storage, freezing, drying, canning, and food fermentation ; vegetables, fruits and herbs for your pantry. Each entry has great photographs, stellar varieties, how to grow, pest and diseases, how much to grow per person, harvesting and storing, and best ways to preserve your bounty. Recipes are also included. Highly recommended - 5-star rating. The book covers preparation for winter; sowing, planting and growing calendars; winter harvests; stored harvest; and winter veggies under cover.

The book's dedication is beautiful: "To our Earth Mother, giving food when in repose".

How To Grow Cannabis, Organically: Soil, Seeds, Containers & Care

Wonderful photographs. Lots of good info. Includes 75 delicious recipes. The photographs are absolutely stunning as are the photographs of selected Monet paintings. There is a section of Monet's favourite vegetables as well as section of recipes. I absolutely loved this book. The author combines his extensive knowledge of garden design and his love of working with nature. Extensive information on shade-loving plants combined with outstanding photography make this a "must read" for shade gardening. This book is a veritable treasure trove of information.

For each vegetable the following information is included: crop value, ease of growing, climate, nutritional content, planning, planting, care, harvesting, unusual growing ideas, varieties, and kitchen use. This book is a veritable treasure trove of information and is a must see for organic gardeners. O To top The Organic Gardener's Handbook: A User's Manual for the Organic Vegetable Garden Frank Tozer Green Man Publishing, 2nd edition, There are no pretty pictures in this book; however, it is jam-packed with information on all aspects of growing organic vegetables successfully -- all within the backdrop of sustainability.

Topics include only a small fraction of the total : site selection, how plants grow, soil and soil appraisal, fertilizing and amendments, mulch, gardening methods, seeds, disease, garden pests, crop planning and spacing, propagation, perennial vegetables, water and watering, and harvesting. An ideal book for the beginner as well as experienced gardener.

This book helps to address what an individual can do to make their patch of earth no matter how small a pollinator heaven. There is a concise overview of plants and pollinators and information on plants that help the gardener pick the right plant for the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds This book is divided into the following categories: native wildflowers, native trees and shrubs, introduced trees and shrubs, introduced herbs and ornamentals, and native and non-native pasture plants.