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Children today are growing up in a world surrounded by AI: algorithms determine what information they see, help select the videos they watch, and shape how they learn to talk. The hope is that by better understanding how algorithms are created and how they influence society, children could become more critical consumers of such technology. It could even motivate them to help shape its future. There are several reasons to teach children about AI. It can prime them to learn computational skills more quickly later on in life.

Teaching girls about technology at this age may make them more likely to study it later or have a career in technology, says Jennifer Jipson, a professor of psychology and child development at California Polytechnic State University. This could help diversify the AI—and broader tech—industry. Learning to grapple with the ethics and societal impacts of technology early on can also help children grow into more conscious creators and developers, as well as more informed citizens. Making children passive consumers could harm their agency, privacy, and long-term development.

They begin by learning about algorithms as recipes, with inputs, a set of instructions, and outputs. They surrounded Ramballe, lifted him on the crossed arms of two soldiers, and carried him to the hut.

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Ridges of sparkling white sand surrounded the camp like a sleeping dragon, soaking heat from the sun - resting now so it could spit its fiery breath at them later in the day. The aroma of cologne surrounded him and his breath smelled like he had recently brushed his teeth. Kris and a few of his Immortals were surrounded in the middle of the park while demons darted from the forest to attack pockets of Immortals. Being surrounded by vamps all day and night made her crazy with the need to kill a few. Built more like the beauties her sister surrounded herself with, Ileana was a natural bombshell with pillowed lips and large eyes.

Silence surrounded them, not the good kind, but the heavy kind that made her want to hold her breath lest she break it and all hell erupt. She pulled, and he ran. Katie felt the ground shake beneath them as the demons pursued. Several flew overhead and dropped directly in their path. She stopped and shoved Toby behind her, drawing the knife Gabe had given her.

Before long, they were surrounded. He wasn't likely to be caught unprepared in the wild country that surrounded their house. She wondered what a life surrounded by those with the luxury to care for one another was like.

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Three guards surrounded Rissa, whose writhing, squealing horse was as much of a menace to her as the attackers flooding from the forest. Five hefty men, each well-armed and carrying weapons ranging from swords to maces, surrounded Sami. The wall warlord had set up a small table in the mouth of an alley between two buildings and was surrounded by several men.

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When his arms surrounded her, the world outside them ceased to exist. Within minutes Carmen was surrounded by people cleaning up the mess she had made. Mahogany shelves full of dust free books surrounded them with the wisdom of many years.

When his arms surrounded her, she slid her arms up and around his neck, pulling his lips down on hers. Her body wouldn't be placed in a funeral pyre or surrounded by family and friends who bore her gifts one last time. They were surrounded by silver that seemed to flare and swirl as Jessi watched. She was at anchor surrounded by baulks of timber, and a cordon of boats had been stationed to row guard against an expected Federal attack.

Though sacked by the Goths in the 5th century, and later by the Moors, it is still surrounded by massive walls of Roman origin. When the summits of these are worn by mastication their surfaces present circles of dentine surrounded by a border of enamel, and as attrition proceeds different patterns are produced by the union of the bases of the cusps, a trefoil form being characteristic of some species. It is divided by the Croal, a small tributary of the Irwell, into Great and Little Bolton, and as the full name implies, is surrounded by high moorland.

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Again, Kew is surrounded by a large park, not devoid of trees, and hardly the place where Exner's theory would suggest a large value for C2, and yet the summer value of c 2 at Kew is the largest in Table V. Being surrounded by its ancient walls, and retaining thirteen out of its original fifty towers, it is, with its predominantly Gothic architecture, a thoroughly medieval town in appearance.

On the north, west and south it is surrounded by hills, with a background of mountains amongst which the Puy-de-Dome stands out prominently. A Cnossian didrachm exhibits on one side the labyrinth, on the other the Minotaur surrounded by a semicircle of small balls, probably intended for stars; it is to be noted that one of the monster' s names was Asterius.

Williamstown, the principal village, is a pleasant residential centre on the Green river; it is surrounded by beautiful scenery and its streets are shaded by some fine old trees.

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He was surrounded by intriguers who were playing a game of their own, and for some time he appeared almost disposed to be as reactionary as his great-uncle Abbas I. The decennium extending from to was the good period of Ivan IV. In the 13th century it became the seat of Count Gerhard of Wesemael, who surrounded it with walls and built a castle. The fruit is ripe in July, and is an oval, yellowish, fleshy berry, containing twelve or more seeds, each surrounded by a pulpy outer coat or aril.

A portion of Basil's new city was surrounded with strong walls and turned into a fortress by Justinian; and within the walls, rebuilt in the 13th and 16th centuries, lies the greater part of Kaisarieh, altitude ft. They are drained and in large part enclosed by the North or Belle Fourche and South forks of the Cheyenne river at whose junction a fur-trading post was established about ; and are surrounded by semi-arid, alkaline plains lying to ft.

The town is surrounded by avenues, which occupy the site of the ancient ramparts, remains of which are to be seen on the north side. In battle the carroccio was surrounded by the bravest warriors in the army and it served both as a rallying-point and as the palladium of the city's honour; its capture by the enemy was regarded as an irretrievable defeat and humiliation.

He was not without aptitude for diplomacy, and his intuitive insight and perception of character sometimes enabled him to outwit the crafty politicians by whom he was surrounded. Moratalla is built on a mountainous peninsula, almost surrounded by the Grande and Benamor, small rivers which meet and flow eastward to join the Segura. David surrounded the royal city with a wall and built a citadel, probably on the site of the Jebusite fort of Zion, while Joab fortified the western town.

Boron chloride BC1 3 results when amorphous boron is heated in chlorine gas, or more readily, on passing a stream of chlorine over a heated mixture of boron trioxide and charcoal, the volatile product being condensed in a tube surrounded by a freezing mixture. It is surrounded with walls and towers, and defended by a large moated castle of great strength. The picturesque fortifications also by which the city is surrounded remain almost unaltered as they were in the 15th century.

The heads are surrounded with a kind of head-dress or halo and one wears a necklace. Unlike the dead cities of the Yucatan plains, Palenque is surrounded by wooded hills and overgrown by tropical vegetation. The emperor, Charles the Fat, was roused to collect a large army, with which he surrounded the main body of the Northmen under their leader Godfrey in the camp at Elsloo. Khosrev was executed in Asia Minor by his orders; a plot of the spahis to depose him was frustrated by the loyalty of Koes Mahommed, aga of the janissaries, and of the spahi Rum Mahommed Mahommed the Greek ; and on the 29th of May , by a successful personal appeal to the loyalty of the janissaries, Murad crushed the rebels, whom he surrounded in the Hippodrome.

On both the east and the west coast the islands are thickly wooded, but whereas the former are surrounded by beautiful sands and beaches, the latter are fringed by mangrove-swamps. Here are the summer palace of the governor-general, many fine Moorish and French villas and luxurious hotels, all surrounded by beautiful gardens. The lagoons are surrounded by dense belts of reeds, and the coast-land is covered with low, impenetrable bush. Should these tests prove satisfactory the core is served with jute yarn, coiled in water-tight tanks, and surrounded with salt water.

At the next instant it is the seat of an electric current and is surrounded by closed lines of magnetic force.

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The separate wires are surrounded only with a loose covering of specially prepared paper, which furnishes abundant insulation. Of a wholly different character is the Lago di Varese, between the Lago Maggiore and that of Lugano, which is a mere shallow expanse of water, surrounded by hills of very moderate elevation. The most important of these, the Lacus Fucinus of the ancients, now called the Lago di Celano, situated almost exactly in the centre of the peninsula, occupies a basin of considerable extent, surrounded by mountains and without any natural outlet, at an elevation of more than ft.

The Apulian volcanic formation consists of the great mass of Monte Volture, which rises at the west end of the plains of Apulia, on the frontier of Basilicata, and is surrounded by the Apennines on its south-west and north-west sides. Unfortunately several of these fertile tracts suffer severely from malaria q. Paetus, a weak and incapable man, suffered a severe defeat at Rhandea 62 , where he was surrounded and forced to capitulate and to evacuate Armenia.

The coasts of the Andamans are deeply indented, giving existence to a number of safe harbours and tidal creeks, which are often surrounded by mangrove swamps. It constitutes a little town of itself, surrounded by walls and a moat, and contains numerous small houses, 18 convents and a church.

This well is now surrounded by an enclosure with an inscription upon its cross. The remaining victims, who had escaped the bullets of the siege and survived the butchery of the river bank, were massacred afterwards and cast down the famous well of Cawnpore, which is now marked by a memorial and surrounded by gardens. These cavities are completely roofed by a layer of cells; in the centre of the roof is a pore surrounded by a ring of special cells.

It is surrounded by I a thin-walled, smaller-celled hydrom mantle; 2 an amylom sheath; 3 a leptom mantle, interrupted here and there by starch cells. The epithem is frequently surrounded by a sheath of cuticularized cells. The cylinder is surrounded by a mantle of one or more layers of parenchymatous cells, the pericycle, and the xylem is generally separated from the phloem in the stem by a similar layer, the mesocycle corresponding with the amylom sheath in mosses. The whole stele may be surrounded by a common external endodermis; sometimes there is an internal endodermis in addition, separating the bundles from the pith; while in other cases each bundle possesses a separate endodermis surrounding it.

An ordinary cambium is scarcely ever found in the Monocotyledons, but in certain woody forms a secondary meristem is formed outside the primary bundles, and gives rise externally to a little secondary cortex, and internally to a secondary parenchyma in which are developed numerous zones of additional bundles, usually of concentric structure, with phloem surrounded by xylem. The naked cells which have been alluded to live in water, and call therefore for no differentiation in connection with this necessity; but those which are surrounded by a cell-wall always develop within themselves a vacuole or cavity which occupies the greater part of their interior, and the hydrostatic pressure of whose contents keeps tha protoplasm in contact with the membrane, setting up a condition of turgidity.

The separate layers of the starch-grain are deposited on it by the activity of the chrmatophore, and according to Meyer the grain is always surrounded by a thin layer of the chromatophore which completely separates it from the cytoplasm. The Structure of the Nucleus. In the living condition the resting nucleus appears to consist of a homogeneous ground substance containing a large number of small chromatin granules and one or more large spherical granulesnucleolithe whole being surrounded by a limiting membrane which separates it from the cytoplasm.

It is generally surrounded by a granular or radiating cytoplasmic substance. In the yeast cell the nucleus is represented by a homogenous granule, probably of a nucleolar nature, surrounded and perhaps to some extent impregnated by chromatin and closely connected with a vacuole which often has chromatin at its periphery, and contains one or more volutin granules which appear to consist of nucleic acid in combination with an unknown base. After two successful voyages, Eudoxus, impressed with the idea that Africa was surrounded by ocean on the south, left the Egyptian service, and proceeded to Cadiz and other Mediterranean centres of trade seeking a patron who would finance an expedition for the purpose of African discovery; and we learn from Strabo that the veteran explorer made at least two voyages southward along the coast of Africa.

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He now caused them to build a great capital, Ecbatana, with a royal palace, and introduced the ceremonial of oriental courts; he surrounded himself with a guard and no longer showed' himself to the people, but gave his judgments in writing and controlled the people by officials and spies.