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Tuba and Piano. Tuba and Brass Band. Tuba and Wind Band. Tuba and Symphony Orchestra. Tuba and String Orchestra.

Live Album Recording: 2 Hot 2 Tango

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Euphonium Trio. Euphonium and Tuba Duo. Euphonium Euphonium Quartet. Trombone Solo. Trombone and Piano. Trombone Duet. Trombone Trio. As for Karl, he lived for a long time in Buenos Aires and from there he took it. Besides, he has a great interest in our culture, expression and language.

Estigarribia/Messiez - Tango Dueling Pianos

Being surrounded by Argentineans, sooner or later he ends up getting a hold of it. Karl had just returned from Buenos Aires and wanted to continue playing tango. I contacted them, there was a good vibe among the three of us and we decided to continue with the project. Now we are constantly looking for different ways to play the tangos we love. We treat the melodies with a more contrapunctual style, we expand the harmonic language and we combine the tuttis and the solos in more unusual ways. Today I aim towards a result bearing the fruits of group collaboration.

When each member brings their own vision, the result is infinitely richer and more complex. I am always surprised by the unexpected things that appear in a process of collective creation and the total is always greater than the sum of the parts. I am also more open to playing traditional tangos, although I am interested in always saying something of my own, something coherent with the way we live today, our way of understanding music, which is not the same as it was 50 years ago.

Before, maybe I needed to distance myself from the traditional repertoire to find my voice. The reference to Alberto Castillo opens the way for an almost obvious question:. For European musicians, the reference is more Astor Piazzolla. But even those who know him are surprised at the magnitude of his figure when I show them audiovisual and documentary material of the time. Being the grandson of Castillo for me was always a blessing and a joy.

Being able to meet such an artist and receive part of his legacy fills me with pride.

It was like a challenge, that he sang with a provocative air, pointing to those who resisted his style. He achieved his goal to such a point that more than once the last measures had the echo of a noisy fight in the audience. Meanwhile, on stage, dominating the situation, Castillo broke the molds, loosening his tie, accompanying the modulation of his voice with the profile of his hands and moving the microphone as Elvis Presley would do years later.

I was lucky to meet Alberto Castillo. And I did a story, which was published in Gente magazine in October I remember it was a torrent.

He talked, he stopped, he gesticulated, he sat down, he hit me in the hand while I took notes, he came back to stop. And he repeated a hose:. I am not indispensable, because I am neither bread nor noodles. But I am necessary, I transmit. The public is going to see me looking for something and I give it to them.

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Something simple, easy. Mine is not stern. I cause euphoria. He went too far. You do not have to play for later, you have to play for now.


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And he makes you think. We were talking in his apartment on Riobamba street, but it was as if he were on stage. He went, he came, he moved his arms:.

They laughed at me a lot, they said I was a clown, no sir! I associate each word with a gesture, I coordinate the inflection of the voice and the muscular movement Or the hands do not speak? And what can I tell you about those of us who have the Italian spirit? I have an uncle who, if you tie his hands, cannot talk! Alberto Castillo was a doctor and his artistic career forced him to leave medicine.