The Black Box of Governmental Learning

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Governmental learning spiral

Don't wait! Try Yumpu. Public agencies responsible for areas such as criminal justice, health, and welfare increasingly use scoring systems and software to steer or make decisions on life-changing events like granting bail, sentencing, enforcement, and prioritizing services. The report from AI Now, a research institute at NYU that studies the social implications of artificial intelligence, says too many of those systems are opaque to the citizens they hold power over. Kate Crawford, a researcher at Microsoft and cofounder of AI Now, says citizens should be able to know how systems making decisions about them operate and have been tested or validated.

Such systems are expected to get more complex as technologies such as machine learning used by tech companies become more widely available. She says it can be possible to disclose information about systems and their performance without disclosing their code, which is sometimes protected intellectual property. Governments increasingly lean on algorithms and software to make decisions and set priorities.

Black Box Methodology

Sometimes, as in the case of setting bail, it can make government more equitable. But other algorithms have been found to exhibit bias. ProPublica reported last year that a scoring system used in sentencing and bail by multiple states was biased against black people. Whatever the ultimate impact, citizens struggle to access information about algorithms with sway over their lives.

Black Box Of Governmental Learning

A project by legal scholars that used open-records laws to seek information about algorithms and scoring systems used in criminal justice and welfare in 23 states came back largely empty handed. In some cases, governments signed agreements with commercial providers restricting disclosure of any information about a system and how exactly it was being used. The group also recommends that companies work on tools and processes to identify biases in training data, which have been shown to create software with unsavory tendencies.

Goldman Sachs and Unilever have used technology from startup HireVue that analyzes the facial expressions and voice of job candidates to advise hiring managers. The World Bank. Google Buzz Stumble Upon Delicious.

The Governmental Learning Spiral

This Page in:. The black box of governmental learning : the learning spiral - a concept to organize learning in governments English Abstract There are more poor people and poverty reaches further into middle-income countries around the world than ever before. Blindenbacher, Raoul; Blindenbacher, Raoul;. The black box of governmental learning : the learning spiral - a concept to organize learning in governments English.

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