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So, in order to count the children of Israel, each had to give a half-shekel coin; the coins were then counted instead.

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As the Psalms clearly state, there is a promise of protection and prosperity for those who take up this call. When David was given the opportunity to offer a sacrifice unto God that he had not acquired himself, he replied:.

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I will not take for the LORD what is yours, or sacrifice a burnt offering that costs me nothing. During the Great Revolt, the Half Shekel coin was used as to convey a message. Sadly, Jerusalem and the Temple were destroyed four years after the revolt began, but the Jewish people never gave up their hope and faith of returning to Jerusalem.

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This coin has only recently come full circle, when Zion was again restored to the Jewish people during the Six Day War and Jerusalem was reunited. At last, ancient Jerusalem, the place where it all began — the heart of Zion — was in reach again and excavations could begin in earnest. Many of these Freedom of Zion Half Shekel coins were discovered during these excavations. For the first time since her destruction 2, years ago, the opportunity has been given to us in this generation to witness what so many others have longed for their entire lives.

It is a great responsibility. And the task beckons us. This coin supports excavations at the City of David — Ancient Jerusalem. Light Bronze color. Bronze coated Zinc Alloy.

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The city will be rebuilt on her ruins, and the palace. Website by Triotech. Home The Coin. The Coin design explained:. The Walls The original walls of ancient Jerusalem mentioned in Isaiah have only been revealed recently, thanks to excavation efforts. They were made by hand — engraved by craftsmen — and showed Liberty as a figure with long flowing wild hair. So when we set out to design our Q Coin to celebrate the organization and create a symbol of your patriotism and values — we went back to those original ideals and standards.

The access code has been embedded in the coin giving only a select few people with on going access to all Q news. Provides ongoing access to the latest Q updates A secure code it used for only Q Anon members to access. We are.

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Do you belong,. Really belong? The original Dream. The original American dream. On Etherscan, you can see the details about a burning transaction on the Input Data box. The number includes the 18 decimals, so in this example 1,, BNB were burned. This means that the Coin Burn events now take place on the Binance Chain and not on the Ethereum network. You can find more details on the Binance Chain Docs page.

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  • In total, 12,, BNB coins were burned, reducing 6. What Is a Coin Burn? Copied to clipboard! Listen to this article. How does it work? Basically speaking, a token burn event happens in the following order: A coin holder will call the burn function, stating that they want to burn a nominated amount of coins.