The Needs of Children

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Parents and carers have a vital role to play, and should be involved from the beginning. Government proposals require that parents and carers are consulted when the school develops and reviews its policy on RSE.

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Schools can be proactive in asking parents what areas of RSE they would like help with, so they can support at home. Establishing regular communication with parents about RSE will forge the partnership that children and young people need to ensure their entitlement is met. In the past, teaching pupils with SEND about sex and relationships has often been overlooked, leaving many young people feeling short-changed as they grow towards adulthood.

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Module 2. Children's Needs and Rights

Skip to main navigation Skip to main content. Accessible The Equalities Act provides the guiding principle that disabled pupils must be able to participate in the curriculum, so RSE must be accessible. Organise your programme of RSE With leadership in place, and a good understanding of the training and development needs of staff, a review is needed to focus on the timetabling and organisation of RSE. Involving parents Parents and carers have a vital role to play, and should be involved from the beginning.

Bringing it all together In the past, teaching pupils with SEND about sex and relationships has often been overlooked, leaving many young people feeling short-changed as they grow towards adulthood. About us. Who we are Join the team Contact us Media centre. Partner with us.

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Special needs is an umbrella term for a wide array of diagnoses, from those that resolve quickly to those that will be a challenge for life and those that are relatively mild to those that are profound. It covers developmental delays, medical conditions, psychiatric conditions, and congenital conditions that require accommodations so children can reach their potentials. No matter the reason, the designation is useful.

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It can help you obtain needed services, set appropriate goals, and gain an understanding of your child and the stresses your family may face. Special needs are commonly defined by what a child can't do—milestones unmet, foods banned, activities avoided, or experiences denied. Some parents will always mourn their child's lost potential, and some conditions become more troubling with time.

2. Foster supportive relationships between school and home.

Other families may find that their child's challenges make triumphs sweeter and that weaknesses are often accompanied by amazing strengths. Pick any two families of children with special needs and they may seem to have little in common. A family dealing with developmental delays will have different concerns than one dealing with chronic illness.

These families will have different anxieties than one dealing with mental illness, learning problems, or behavioral challenges. Special needs is a very broad term and every situation is unique.

Parenting a Child with Special Needs Makes You Stronger, Mom Says

Families should focus on seeking the help and guidance needed for their particular concerns. Medical issues for children include serious conditions like cancer, heart defects, muscular dystrophy, and cystic fibrosis. It also includes chronic conditions like asthma and diabetes, congenital conditions like cerebral palsy and dwarfism, and health threats like food allergies and obesity. A child may need frequent medical testing, hospital stays, equipment, and accommodations for disabilities.

Establishing a good support system is very important when dealing with uncertainty and any medical crises. Children with behavior issues may not respond to traditional discipline. Diagnoses like ADHD , fetal alcohol spectrum disorder FASD , dysfunction of sensory integration, and Tourette's syndrome require specialized strategies that are tailored to their specific needs. Behavior issues can increase the risk of problems at school. As a parent, you will need to be flexible, creative, and patient.


Developmental disabilities can change your visions of the future and provide immediate difficulties in caring for and educating your child. Diagnoses like autism, Down syndrome , and intellectual disabilities often cause children to be removed from the mainstream.

They require specialized learning strategies to meet their potential and avoid self-esteem problems and behavioral difficulties. Parents of learning-challenged kids need to be persistent.