The Ominous Betrayal: Memoir of a Child of Hope

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Something else happened instead. Maybe not in one sitting.

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ISBN 13: 9780984353958

Comments below Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email Address never made public. Previous Post July Book. Mountains that touch the sky. By Patricia Sorg. ISBN: pages. Guatemala, Pueblo Nublado, Sofi is a rural teacher who arrives at Casa Montesanto, located at the foot of a volcano in the beautiful and mysterious Bosques Nebulosos, to be the assistant of the Vega sisters. Unsuspectingly, she finds herself at the service of a dark and greedy family, obsessed with power and wealth, that hides a sinister past.

Cecilia, the youngest daughter, has been forced to create her own secret world to survive after a horrible trauma left her mute. By helping her, Sofi begins a journey full of love, determination, and courage that continues through Camila, her granddaughter. Grandmother and granddaughter tell the story in two voices. This thought-provoking thriller, beautifully written, breaks through the barriers of a conventional Gothic novel. A true masterpiece! Magic and verb are the key ingredients of this great story, which challenges the reader from the first to the last paragraph.

Patricia Sorg is an award winning Guatemalan artist who has exhibited her work throughout the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Captivated by the colors and beauty of her native country, Patricia has been telling vivid stories through her paintings since she was very young. Now an American citizen, Patricia lives in Sarasota, FL, where she is dedicated to her creative career, exhibits her work and leads painting workshops. I never saw them again.

This is a story of legal immigration to the United States and forced family separation. The consul advised the mother that she could not immigrate together with her children. First she would have to get a visa for the USA, establish a place of residence, and provide proof of income in order to petition for her children to join her in New York. The three children, two girls and a boy, were left behind in boarding schools for two years.

At least, the sisters were together during that time. The family followed the rules and came here legally. However, the separation fractured the family forever and it has never been the same. They are not close even today. In New York, the mother created her own social circle and the sisters made new friends. The boy became detached from the family, but socialized in school and neighborhood. Forced family separation was thrusted upon legal immigrants as well. This is one of the stories.


Javier Mendoza was born on in Ecuador. He attended six private schools and catholic schools in Guayaquil and Rocafuerte by the time he finished the fifth grade. When he was ten years old he arrived with his two sisters in Manhattan in May of His mother constantly moved the family; they lived in six different apartments until they bought a house in Queens, NY in Mendoza graduated from the High School of Graphic Communication Arts in and enrolled in four different colleges before he graduated from St.

Mendoza worked on Wall Street for twenty years and later worked as a Management Consultant for fifteen years. By Enrique S. This novel details the rite of passage of a family, pushing through various Catch obstacles within a paradox of the present, past, and future coexisting. The story, a prophesy, will lure the passerby to walk the tightrope between day dreams and nightmares. Ultimately, this forewarning intends to empower, motivate, and rectify the future as a revelation. Enrique Flores comes from a working-class, low-income family.

He and his brother were stabbed as a result of gang violence.

Enrique Flores returned to the neighborhood where he grew up devoting over twenty years to mentoring at-risk and high-risk youth. He dedicates his time helping youth and disengaging them from the neighborhood gangs' pernicious influence and preparing them for college and work. Grandpa's Short-Handled Hoe. Written and illustrated by Denis O'Leary. ISBN: This is a story of the impact of the short hoe on farm workers and how it affected their families. One of the worst experiences for workers was the use of the short handled hoe.

Many disabilities and pains can still be directly connected to bending or stooping down to weed the fields with the short handled hoe. Little Cesar. By Nathaniel Parish Flannery. Mexico Economic development, U. Mexico Trade and commerce, Mexico Social and economic conditions, U. Mexico Border trade, Mexico Economic modernization.

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The Ominous Betrayal: Memoir of a Child of Hope by Deb J. Damone

Searching For Modern Mexico explains the problems and paradoxes that define the U. Author Nathaniel Parish Flannery, a veteran Latin America analyst and writer, brings readers to the front lines of some of the most fascinating and inaccessible parts of Mexico.

The book invites readers into remote, indigenous communities, introduces a range of fascinating characters, and explains the obstacles in front of entrepreneurs trying to build businesses exporting traditional Mexican products. The book provides an unparalleled tour of the chaos and contradictions of Modern Mexico.

He started as a Latin America analyst on Wall Street. While working on this book Nathaniel visited indigenous communities in the mountains of Chiapas and Oaxaca in southern Mexico, rode along with cartel-fighting vigilante gunmen in Michoacan, and sat down with taco chefs and CEOs in Guadalajara and Tijuana. He is a coffee aficionado, a mezcal drinker, an avocado devotee, and a long-time fan of beer and tacos.

In Searching for Modern Mexico, he brings substantive economic and political analysis to Mexican life through intrepid fieldwork and narrative storytelling. Translated by Jessica Sequeira. Playlist is a volume that exceeds any definition or literary genre. In these poems about music, united by a lyrical pulse, the author traces a vital trajectory of love touched by death.

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According to the author, "For a long time Playlist carried this epigraph by Alex Turner, vocalist for the Arctic Monkeys: I poured my aching heart into a pop song. Mike Wilson A secret of this book by Ernesto Gonzalez Barnert is that not only is it a "playlist" or "soundtrack", it is also the "soundtrack of a generation". Gonzalez Barnert is also a filmmaker and cultural events organizer at the Espacio Estravagario of the Pablo Neruda Foundation. He lives in Santiago.

Woman Hanging from a Rope. By Fe Orellana. Beatriz, a journalist for a sensationalist newspaper, moves through the passages and galleries of Santiago, Chile, seeking to discover the mystery concealed by the homeless people, amputees and madmen who inhabit them. There are no drugs, weapons or financial transactions in this case, unlike in others she has investigated.

None of her successful feature stories have what this one does: networks of child trafficking, photographs that attempt to emulate Araki and a company of actors with extreme ideas about art, which is why she feels an uncontrollable attraction for her investigation that can only be compared to the pleasure she experiences when practicing the ancient erotic art of shibari.

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In perfect sync at every specific point on the plane, as in a grid over a map of the city, pursuers and pursued observe and shift positions like pieces on a chessboard over the streets of a dark metropolis. A rope ties them together. The same one from which Beatriz hangs. Woman Hanging from a Rope is the first novel by Fe Orellana, in which he crosses the classic noir novel with the nightmare, paranoia and absurdity of Santiago to represent the reality of the Latin American city. Fe Orellana Santiago, Chile, is a writer and translator.

Ikons of the Past: Poetry of the Hispanic Americas. Edited and translated by Robert Lima. ISBN This is not meant to be an all-encompassing anthology; rather, it represents personal choices I made on encountering the poets and poems in the original Spanish. Many of the poems have been published in books, journals and periodicals.

Some of the poets are represented by more selections than others: simply a matter of the impact made on me by the selected pieces. This a color photographic, historical, and contemporary description of the island. Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island and Isla de Pascua, has long been said by natives to be at the navel of the Earth.