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Gun owners pleased as Italy relaxes law on right to self-defence. The Italian parliament just passed a law on the right to self-defence, submitted by right-wing Interior Minister Matteo Salvini.


The bill broadens the definition of legitimate defence, allowing a homeowner to protect his or her property with the use of a firearm without fear of being prosecuted. But critics are concerned the new legislation will lead to a rise in gun ownership. Uma Thurman on women in Hollywood and her Netflix show 'Chambers'.

Actress Uma Thurman talks about her new Netflix series "Chambers", playing a grieving mother and how Hollywood is changing for women.

Dame Caroline Spelman standing down over 'Brexit abuse'

The Cranberries bid goodbye. More than a year after the death of The Cranberries' lead singer Dolores O'Riordan, bandmates Noel and Mike Hogan speak to Eve Jackson about their final album "In the End," why it's time for the band to say goodbye to fans, and their legacy. Catherine Deneuve plays the grandmother of a young man lured into jihadism in "Farewell to the Night", a film that adresses the lure of extremism at a time when Europe is debating how to deal with Islamist fighters and their families who want to come back home.

What if the luxury sector aligned with the aspirations of society? The age of non-stop plastic is coming to an end. Thanks to a partnership with Eau Vive Internationale, the company has pledged to donate litres of drinking water to an African village for every lipstick sold.

While most corals are very heat-sensitive, languishing if water temperatures rise by as little as 2 degrees Celsius, Red Sea specimens appear to be adapted to a warmer, more salty environment. And these are precisely the conditions that await our oceans as a result of climate change. To see previous editions of the Week in Review, please click here. The content you requested does not exist or is not available anymore. We are losing so much history; I only hope no lives are lost as well. Beautiful Notre Dame on Saturday night.

Collins on Blazers’ game-winner: ‘That’s Dame’ -

Such a loss. There is a whole host of people who have dedicated their lives to studying this cultural treasure! NotreDameCathedral pic. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, said at the scene that some of many artworks that were in the cathedral had been rescued and were being put in safe storage. It is a focal point for French Roman Catholics who like Christians around the world are celebrating Holy Week, marking the death and resurrection of Jesus. It's a real symbol of Paris, Samantha said.

The Notre-Dame Cathedral, which was built over a century starting in , was in the midst of renovations, with some sections under scaffolding. The bronze statues had been removed last week for works. Notre-Dame is renowned for its rib vaulting, flying buttresses and stunning stained glass windows, as well as its many carved stone gargoyles. A centre of Roman Catholic faith, over the centuries Notre-Dame has also been a target of political upheaval. Notre-Dame Cathedral was ransacked by rioting Protestant Huguenots in the 16th century, pillaged during the French Revolution of the s and left in a state of semi-neglect.

The wood-and-lead spire was built during that restoration, according to the cathedral's website. It will undoubtedly be a part of French destiny and our project for the years to come," French President Emmanuel Macron said. Notre-Dame is an iconic 12th century Catholic cathedral in Paris. Photo: Reuters. Burning of Notre-Dame Cathedral is an architectural and cultural loss to France. Smoke rises around the altar in front of the cross inside the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

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French President Emmanuel Macron speaking to media. Courtesy: Reuters.

Sparks fill the air as Paris Fire brigade members spray water to extinguish flames as the Notre Dame Cathedral burns in France. Notre-Dame Cathedral is a "Symbol of France". Notre-Dame Cathedral has an age long history.

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Photo: AP. AP Photo. Also Watch Paris historic cathedral Notre-Dame hit by fire. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from. Post your comment.