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A few tips to have the best experience on your USA Trip. The idea of the League was grounded in the broad, international revulsion against the unprecedented destruction of the First World War and the contemporary understanding of its origins. After adopting many of these ideas, Wilson took up the cause with evangelical fervor, whipping up mass enthusiasm for the organization as he traveled to the Paris Peace Conference in January , the first President to travel abroad in an official capacity.

Wilson used his tremendous influence to attach the Covenant of the League, its charter, to the Treaty of Versailles. An effective League, he believed, would mitigate any inequities in the peace terms. The struggle to ratify the Treaty of Versailles and the Covenant in the U.

Congress helped define the most important political division over the role of the United States in the world for a generation. A triumphant Wilson returned to the United States in February to submit the Treaty and Covenant to Congress for its consent and ratification. Unfortunately for the President, while popular support for the League was still strong, opposition within Congress and the press had begun building even before he had left for Paris.

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They adhered to a vision of the United States returning to its traditional aversion to commitments outside the Western Hemisphere. Nine months later, Warren Harding was elected President on a platform opposing the League. The United States never joined the League. Most historians hold that the League operated much less effectively without U. However, even while rejecting membership, the Republican Presidents of the period, and their foreign policy architects, agreed with many of its goals. To the extent that Congress allowed, the Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover administrations associated the United States with League efforts on several issues.

Constant suspicion in Congress, however, that steady U.

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